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Game Changer is a dedicated suicide prevention initiative in our local sporting clubs through awareness, education and support. We are working towards Saving Lives by Changing Lives

Game Changer is a not for profit charity that is dedicated to suicide prevention for local sporting clubs in our communities. Game Changer’s services and offerings directly impact local sporting clubs and leagues to make a positive change in regards to the mental health of its members.

Game Changer is supported by a network of service providers who are all committed to saving lives by changing lives.



Australians attempt suicide every year


Deaths by suicide every year


Deaths by suicide on average every day


Service Providers



Secure funding through sponsorship, donations, fundraising and events.



Engage local and national reputable service providers to deliver awareness, education and personal development sessions in local sporting clubs



Clubs receive a supported mental health and wellness initiative for their club

What Clients Say

Barry Parsons
Devon Meadows FNC President

Football and netball clubs have always been a place of support. A safe haven for people to meet and socialise, to forget about the pressures of work, school, social expectations, the cost of living.

With the increase in people speaking about mental health, we as sporting clubs need to ensure that we are prepared to provide the right support to players, members, friends and family.

These can be tough conversations, but Game Changer can provide our club with the resources and support we need.
We are looking forward to being a Game Changer club.

Michael Hogan
Bonbeach CC President

As a Sporting Club, we feel it’s our obligation to provide all of our Members on training, education and support around Mental Health. Game Changer is a fantastic initiative that engages issues around Mental Health at a Sporting Club Level and offers the support and knowledge to our Club and all of our Members so everyone is able to identify and understand these issues better, in the hope of future prevention. Talking about these issues in a safe group environment assists people in understanding Mental Health better and also assists the Sporting Club in being able to identify problems and also offer support when required.

Matt Runnalls
Founder Mindfull Aus

Promoting positive Mental Health is something I have dedicated my life to off the back of losing some of my closest mates to Suicide across the past decade.
Mindfull Aus are proud to be one of Game Changer’s valued service providers who provide sporting clubs with a framework that can support any member at their club who may be struggling.
I highly recommend Game Changer and the work they do to support the people in our community.

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