Becoming A Game Changer

There is no financial commitment involved in becoming a Game Changer club, however there are some prerequisites and commitments the club must meet.

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Our Commitment

  • Crisis response
  • Mental health first aid kits
  • Welfare survey tools & statistics
  • Ongoing awareness campaigns
  • Welfare officer development programs
  • Community development & awareness workshops
  • Support counsellors
  • Mental health policies
  • Online education tools
  • Induction programs

How Game Changer Works

Your Commitment

  • Attend personal development sessions
  • Attend online meetings
  • Promote mental health induction program
  • Allow access to social channels
  • Publish awareness content
  • Identify dedicated club welfare officer
  • Publish sponsor video content
  • Promote Game Changer Events
  • Implement mental health first aid kits
  • Assist with club people willing to share awareness content

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